Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 12th Jul Brilliant fone even better than the lg venus my current fone! There are somethings this phone did that my newer Samsung doesn’t – And they were good!! But if you are looking for more extrvigant phones i would advice you not to buy it. Reviewed by josie from england on 2nd Jun its a gr8 fone well dun samsung but it could b betta by havin more memory,betta picture nd more battery life coz they r the low points of dis fone but apart frm dat its excellent nd every1 should go out nd buy 1 hehe Rating: I have deleted all photo’s and texts but cannot get rid of the message. The Silver paint on the outside has started to rub off making it look very cheap and finally, Samsung placed a handy button on the side for activating the camera.. The battery life is bad on the fone but the camera is unmissable.

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I have deleted all photo’s and texts but cannot get rid of the message. I bought this becasue it woz a camera phone but after a week i took it back and got a nokia which i love.

Still using samsung e330 superb phone today, even after it’s samsung e330 through a washing machine cycle. The Silver paint samsung e330 the outside has started to rub off making it look very cheap and finally, Samsung placed a handy button on the side for activating the camera. Worst of all it has a button on the side for taking photos. Although it doesn’t have a video recorder, it certainly doesn’t make this phone the worst.

Now, you can enjoy your favourite shows, movies and sports without constantly fussing with the remote. Compared with Nokia it is very user unfriendly for text messaging! All u peeps that r complainin about the battery and stuff, so wat why dont u just leave it 2 charge then?!?!?!?!?!? The powerful sound will take your entertainment to the next level and make samsung e330 feel as if you were in the theatres.

Its basic samsung e330 all you need if you all ready have a mp3 and good camrea. Very small and neat.

Reviewed by Lissa from UK samsung e330 5th Jan Hiya, i was reading reviews on other websites, samsung e330 fink samsung e alright, i prefer my sagem myv55 tho lol. All in all, she is so disapointed that she is going ot buy a much cheaper Nokia. Would recommend this phone for anyone buti am going to samusng to a samsung e soon.

This is very basic, easy to use and looks good but lacks in features. Reviewed samsung e330 lauren from UK samsung e330 31st May ok phone, good quality but would prefer a D I found the picture quality crud- really grainy- and it scratches farily easy.

Samsung SGH E330 – Silver (Unlocked) Mobile Phone

samsung e330 Is this the same? Reviewed by William from UK on 22nd Apr The Samsung E looks very nice and has a bright clear screen, however it has 3 major problems.

Will the package for the E work for my En samsung e330 Reviewed by james from scotland on 11th May iv given this 2 stars for average.

Samsung E330

Reviewed by Martha B. Doctor, 13 Aug hi, does anyone samsung e330 how i get my photos off this phone and on o my other phone? Play music samsung e330 through the speakers of your Home Entertainment System and transfer movies and photos to the big screen.

Very resilient and very reliable, from my experience I really would recommend.

Samsung E review | S21

All that happens is you end up taking loads photos of the inside of you pocket! You dont always know if you have a message if you have it on silent as the vibrate on samsung e330 isn’t very loud or noticeable.

I have the En version. Reviewed by Jamie from England on 5th May Had the phone 4 a while. Reviewed by Liam from England on 22nd Apr A great mobile good camra dodgy ring samsung e330 what more do you want from a phone Rating: Ashes, 04 Nov Can anyone samsung e330 me why my screen is blue when i turn on.

Samsung e330 by bexz from UK on 7th Jan this phone is sooooooo awsome it has everything i wont and more i luv the sexual phone. I would advice one to buy it. Duplicates will be removed. But overall a great phone!! I was just wondering if you could get an upgrade for the Samsung E?